MIP PROCESNA OPREMA LLC is a metal processing industrial company established as a limited liability company with private capital.
MIP emerged from the company “Zokil” founded in 1954 in Ćuprija, within the railway as the “Car and Locomotive Repair Facility”. Later transformations and reorganizations led to a change of name to MIP Ćuprija. A social enterprise with a large number of employees, which covered a large number of industry branches in the field of metal processing. The company was organized into Basic Organizations of Associated Labor (OOUR), with one of the OOURs named “HIDROFOR” with its basic production activity of making hydrophore vessels, tanks, and process equipment. The company PC “MIP Procesna oprema” was created from the aforementioned OOUR, which was later transformed into a limited liability company under the current name.
Today, MIP Procesna oprema employs around 100 employees.


We date back to 1954


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MIP procesna was established in 1954 and as such, it is one of the companies with the longest experience in the metal processing industry.


The production facility of MIP Procesna has Boldrini equipment for the production of heads up to 4500 mm, as well as up-to-date welding devices and sheet metal rolling machines for large thicknesses.


We do business with more than 23 countries, export to 4 continents and have more than 4,500 satisfied clients.

The MIP Procesna oprema production program includes products and equipment for the oil, chemical, and food industries, energy plants, equipment for compressor stations, water treatment equipment, and equipment for the storage of gaseous, liquid, and powder materials.
The main products are:
· pressure vessels of all types and purposes
· tanks for all types of liquid fuels, for underground and above-ground installation, with and without heaters
· heads of various shapes and sizes up to 4500 mm in diameter and of thickness up to 22 mm
other metalworking industry products
The products are characterized by modernity, application of new design solutions, technology provided by the professional staff of appropriate qualification structure, and modern equipment and machines.
Tests and checks by renowned authorized institutions have shown that MIP Procesna oprema meets all requirements and has the necessary welding and technical equipment and staff to perform the welding works, manufacturing, and control of pressure vessels.