Horizontal compressed air tanks

Vertical compressed air tanks

Vetikalni rezervoari za komprimovani vazduh
Vetikalni rezervoari za komprimovani vazduh

Note: The compressed air tank is used to provide the required amount of compressed air within the compressor plant, according to the needs of the distribution network. The tank is also used to additionally cool the compressed air, and it also calms pulsations.

Technical characteristics: The compressed air tank is a cylindrical vessel made of carbon steel sheet. It is produced in two variants: standing or vertical and lying or horizontal. The connections required for its operation are placed on the tank, and there is a connection for condensate draining on the lowest part of the vessel.

The tanks are manufactured in accordance with the Rulebook on technical requirements for the design, manufacturing, and conformity assessment of pressure equipment.

We make tanks in several sizes. We can manufacture vessels of different volumes, dimensions, working pressures, and connection arrangements, according to the customer’s request.

Our compressed air tanks are protected against corrosion on the outside, while we do the internal protection at the customer’s request, and as the manufacturer, we recommend it for a longer life span of the tank.