Hydrophore vessels

Purpose: Hydrophore vessel is an integral part of a hydrophor plant, which ensures an automatic supply of drinking water to smaller and larger buildings, a supply of technological water to the industry, and increases or raises the pressure of water from the city’s water supply.

Technical characteristics: Hydrophore vessels are made by welding from steel sheet P265GH.

The design, manufacture, and testing of the vessels are carried out according to the requirements of the group of harmonized European standards SRPS EN 13445. Hydrophore vessels are equipped with all connections and openings prescribed by this standard, namely: connections for supply, drain, and water discharge, as well as connections for pressure gauge, switch, safety valve, and opening for cleaning. All our hydrophore vessels are completely protected against corrosion. The inner surfaces are protected with coatings that guarantee water sanitation (according to regulations for the food industry), while the outer side is protected with an anti-corrosion coating. We make hydrophore vessels in several sizes. We can manufacture vessels of different volumes, dimensions, working pressures, and connection arrangements, according to the customer’s request.